she is a Real B!tch

She is a real B!tch. A teen girl were talking to a stranger on texting , the boy said im rich she replied hello im jessica , what is your name . HE replied my name is rich , after reading this she said sorry i dont talk to boys . Teens girls be like these days. Girls falls for money. Epic text conversation

Best way to troll your wife

Best way to troll your wife, a husband were watching a television and shouting " no dont do this please dont do this " her wife asked him what are you watching . he replied our wedding movie. lol, lmao , epic, troll , meme

She finally found a Perfect Job.

kristen stewart poker face, lol, lmao, funny, epic , celebs troll, kristen stewart finally found her perfect job.

Why is it so hard to get a boyfriend.

The girl just got trolled by the boy in comments. True story of girl. Burn by the boy's comments. funny

I Get Hairs around my Butth0le .

funny logic behind butt hairs, what is butt hair for. lmao, lol, funny, logic, epic comments, imgur comments

I am secure with my manb00bs.

The guy just made fun of himself with the help of Iphone  autocorrect. He said he is secure enough with his manb00bs. Funniest autocorrect,funny iphone texting.

Boyfriend got busted while Texting

Boyfriend got busted while Texting , he sent a message to her girlfriend's friend and try to flirt with her and the her friend replied " what if your girlfriend get to know about this " but actually his girlfriend was looking at the text he was sending to her friend , autocorrect wrong number, texting fail

Best relationship ever

what are the best relationship ? a funny iphone conversation between couple where they shows clearly what type of relationships are perfect .

Katy vs Psy.

Funny pic showing how katy perry just wins over the battle with the new psy in their new song. katy perry wins.trolled psy. funny picture.

Pulled d!ck out of your puppy.

Autocorrect always gets people into trouble, this time a dad just takes it to another level playing with the puppy, funny iphone text.

I just wanted to have fun.

girl asks her father is he wanted a girl or a boy,the father replies in a way that is funny and cool. funny meme.troll dad in action. troll dad meme

Mom thinks she deleted my Internet.

The child is not getting of the computer so the mother deletes the icon and tells that she has deleted the internet,boy laughs. funny meme. internet explorer jokes

What happens after the big kiss?

A scene from a movie where the girl asks what happens after the big kiss in a movie,the boy answers the girl in the funniest way.epic conversation.

How to keep your school clean.

Funny meme to show a teacher asking how to keep the school clean and student giving a funny response.

How brothers fight.

This depicts in a funny way how really brothers fight,how their mother see it,and how they actually see it.funny comic. true story.

Dad is dead,You're next.

funny iphone text,daughter texts her dad to remove the moth from door,instead she gets the message from the moth itself.

When you see it.

When you closely see this fish,you'll see what is actually written on it. its kind of cool for having that fish,funny animal picture.

Man vs Wild - Behind the scenes reality.

This picture truly describes the reality in the tv show manvswild, i think this may be true. that is funny too they eating all that food behind the cameras. funny reality.

Pushing jeans to its limit.

alright this is now pushing a pair of jeans to its extent, thats just some show off from the woman,but that will be liked by most of the boys i would say. funny picture,epic dressed girl.

They made my childhood awesome.

These two people who made these cartoons have surely made my childhood awesome, all my childhood passed watching all of them, respect these two people,funny comic. Creator of dexter, powerpuff girls and some other awesome cartoon .


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